Let’s try this again.



I realize it’s been a sizable amount of time since the last post, and I’m certain nobody on this planet noticed.

Regardless, we are back and better then ever. Over the coming days, we will be revamping the blog and adding multiple authors. Posting about all things across the span of the earth. Mostly video games, and sports though.

I will be posting when I’m live on Twitch, as well as doing video blogs. We are going all in, to bring content to your lap!



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Shoot Many Robots review! Trash, Try, or Buy?

Developer: Demiurge Studios
Genre:  Side Scrolling Shooter
Platform I’m playing on: PC (Steam) 

Before I begin, I’ve seen some pretty harsh reviews for this game. All of them seemed to stem from one fact, which was the controls on the console versions. I’m playing on PC and the controls work fantastically.

Gameplay: This game could be compared to those classic 2d shooters where you can’t continue on until you wipe the screen of enemies. Shoot Many Robots is this and a lot more. I’ve only been able to spend about an hour with the game, but from what I’ve played I really enjoy it. The game essentially puts you in the role of a man who has his truck stolen at the beginning. You are chasing after your truck by defeating levels filled to the brim with robots. Each robot when killed drops bolts or other various things (health up, ammo, etc..). The bolts are added up at the end of each level completed and count up to a star total that maxes out at 5 stars. In between every level, you are put in your character’s RV which has a closet where you can equip to weapons/clothes or buy new ones. I can’t forget to mention the game’s level system. You get XP for every robot killed, which in turn allows you the ability to buy better weapons. I really enjoy the way the game is designed, but even more so like the controls. After reading all of the gripe about controls on the console versions, I hoped this issue wasn’t in the PC version and it’s not. The controls are simple. A moves left, D moves right, S slides, W switches weapons, Spacebar jumps, and the mouse aims and shoots. I felt comfortable playing this game right away, and feel that if you play the PC version you will as well!

This game also has co-op, but I haven’t gotten to try it yet. I joined one quick match which placed me (a level 3 at the time) with 2 level 50s who booted me before I could take one shot. Once I get a chance to play the Multiplayer, I will likely take the time to describe it here.

 Graphics/Audio: The graphics in this game give it a 2.5d feeling. The style is a bit cartoony, but I like that. I am able to play the game on max setting, and have to say it looks nice and runs smoothly. The levels look very nice also. There are elements in the background that move which gives the element that it’s more then just a 2d playing game. The audio is what you would expect it to be. Robot electronic noise, and gun shots alongside  occasional jabber from the main character. It fits the game perfectly and I wouldn’t choose any different types of sounds.

Overview: Shoot Many Robots has you doing exactly that, and I love it. For the price tag of $9.99 it’s worth every penny. It’s a game you can keep coming back to with things like level leaderboards, and insane items that cost millions of bolts. If you are looking for a game that is filled with action, and doesn’t cost much, this is that game. Demiurge Studios…you’ve done well!


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Trials Evolution review!

“Simple to learn, but hard to master….”

This quote sums up every game in Redlynx’s Trials series to a tee. That remains no different in this title. The successor to the hit Trials HD, Trials Evolution is simply AMAZING. Let’s get into more detail below.


I can’t attest to how this game would look if you still are using a standard defintion television, but on HDTV this game looks absolutely stunning. I would have to say this game blows Trials HD out of the water in terms of graphics. Everything has so much more detail, from backgrounds to pieces on the bike. Everything looks GREAT!


Trials Evolution’s main game starts off simple with you racing on tracks trying to get the best time in the least amount of attempts resulting in either a Bronze, Silver, or Gold medal. This sounds simple, but the further you get the more maddening it gets. That is the trait that puts this series high above any other copycat. The difficulty keeps you coming back.

In addition to the game’s 40+ tracks there is the ability to customize your own tracks and download tracks created by the millions of users playing the game. At this point in time there aren’t any available, but within 24 hours I expect to see many tracks that make my jaw drop.

I’m not done yet! This game also has many addicting mini games that also run on the medal system. I’m currently ranked #1 on 1 of them! (BobRichards91 is my GT)

The BIG addition in my opinion is the game’s online multiplayer. I’ve only played 1 race, and would consider it excellent. It’s a hybrid of Trials and Excitebike, I can see myself spending hours on end racing against other users online.


This game is an incredible title, and really deserves a ton of press. Everything about it is polished and extremely fun to play! This title is guaranteed to leave you wanting more. At this point in time, my reviews have no rating system so I will use one word to describe this game….AWESOME.

Buy it on the Xbox Live Arcade when it releases on April 18th, 2012.


Here is the link to my YouTube playlist for this game. I will be adding many videos over the next couple of days. Subscribe to my channel to see those and many other videos!


BobRichards91 – XBL

LetsGoBlues – PSN

@letsgoblues8 on twitter

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Gears of War 3 Beta : My Thoughts.

IF you were like me yesterday, then you spent the majority of the early day on twitter trying your hardest to get a beta code for this game. With 1000s of people doing the same thing, your odds were pretty slim. Luckily I ended up getting a code around 3 pm CST.

I am by no means a good player at Gears. I quit playing the first 2 very early after getting them because I was so awful. With this beta, it has been no different, I usually can only get 2-3 kills a match compared to 9-10 deaths. Still though I am enjoying my self.

The graphics on this game are amazing to say the least, Epic did an amazing job with the visuals. I’m sure there will be improvements as this isn’t even the full game. I would have to say the same thing about the audio. The sound effects sound great on my HDTV.

The gameplay in this series while unique still is very hard for me to get the hang of. I do however still enjoy playing the game. The controls from what I can tell mirror the older games almost to a tee.

Overall, this beta has been enjoyable and it’s only been less then 24 hours. Hopefully I can get decent and throw my awful skill out the window.

If you want to play the beta with me my GT is Tarasenko x 91

I will be posting a video on my youtube channel. http://www.youtube.com/beanman25

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Nintendo 3DS this SUNDAY!!!!

As most of you know, Nintendo’s newest portable system goes on sale in the US this Sunday (March 27th). I personally won’t be getting it that day as I ordered mine off of bestbuy.com and mail doesn’t come on Sunday.

Many of the reviews that have came out thus far are showing thumbs up for the system and the majority of the launch titles. I decided to go with Pilotwings Resort as my first title.

After I spend some time with post the system and game, expect a detailed review up here on both!




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Those classic n64 wrestling games.

I’m sure most of you who read this know what I am talking about. Those classic wrestling games like no mercy,wcw revenge, wrestlemania 2000, and all of the rest. I hooked up the old pikachu n64 just to play these games, and in my opinion they are way better then the games that THQ puts out now. Nothing says fun like d lo brown vs the blue Meanie in a cage match.

I have already uploaded one no mercy match on my YouTube channel and plan on upping more. YouTube.com/beanman25 is my channel! if you guys have any match requests, feel free to tell me on here or on YouTube.

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What are you looking more forward to? 3DS or Sony’s codenamed NGP?

It’s been a while since I have posted something, but this is too good of a question to not ask.

Sony just announced the PSP2 codename NGP today. Nintendo has the 3DS releasing in March.


Which one are you looking more forward to?

I would have to go with the 3DS just because I really think Nintendo went above and beyond in getting it to have glasses free 3d capabilities.  Plus nothing beats playing Ocarina of Time in 3D!

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Call of Duty : Black Ops

I have had the game since launch, so I figured now would be a good time to write out my thoughts. I haven’t done much of the campaign (3 missions), but I like what I have played so far. I haven’t touched zombies yet, although I have heard many good things about it. As for the multiplayer, I have spent a bit more time on that. I am currently a level 36 sporting a .96 K/D. I’m going to take a wild guess and say that my stats aren’t very good. I seem to play well when playing with people on my friends list, but outside of playing with them I am absolutely TERRIBLE.

Post a comment if you have any tips to share, or if you want to play some CoD with me!

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Kinect for XBOX 360

The Kinect peripheral launched today.  I for one was skeptical about this along with all of the titles that released with it. After reading a few reviews of the Kinect camera itself along with some of the games, I decided that I will be getting it.

Hopefully within the next 1-2 weeks I will purchase it. I will be doing reviews of the games and posting them here.

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Everyone, buy MINECRAFT NOW!


This game has to be one of the deepest and most incredible games I have ever played. You build and mine your way to an incredible amount of fun.

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