Trials Evolution review!

“Simple to learn, but hard to master….”

This quote sums up every game in Redlynx’s Trials series to a tee. That remains no different in this title. The successor to the hit Trials HD, Trials Evolution is simply AMAZING. Let’s get into more detail below.


I can’t attest to how this game would look if you still are using a standard defintion television, but on HDTV this game looks absolutely stunning. I would have to say this game blows Trials HD out of the water in terms of graphics. Everything has so much more detail, from backgrounds to pieces on the bike. Everything looks GREAT!


Trials Evolution’s main game starts off simple with you racing on tracks trying to get the best time in the least amount of attempts resulting in either a Bronze, Silver, or Gold medal. This sounds simple, but the further you get the more maddening it gets. That is the trait that puts this series high above any other copycat. The difficulty keeps you coming back.

In addition to the game’s 40+ tracks there is the ability to customize your own tracks and download tracks created by the millions of users playing the game. At this point in time there aren’t any available, but within 24 hours I expect to see many tracks that make my jaw drop.

I’m not done yet! This game also has many addicting mini games that also run on the medal system. I’m currently ranked #1 on 1 of them! (BobRichards91 is my GT)

The BIG addition in my opinion is the game’s online multiplayer. I’ve only played 1 race, and would consider it excellent. It’s a hybrid of Trials and Excitebike, I can see myself spending hours on end racing against other users online.


This game is an incredible title, and really deserves a ton of press. Everything about it is polished and extremely fun to play! This title is guaranteed to leave you wanting more. At this point in time, my reviews have no rating system so I will use one word to describe this game….AWESOME.

Buy it on the Xbox Live Arcade when it releases on April 18th, 2012.

Here is the link to my YouTube playlist for this game. I will be adding many videos over the next couple of days. Subscribe to my channel to see those and many other videos!


BobRichards91 – XBL

LetsGoBlues – PSN

@letsgoblues8 on twitter

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