Gears of War 3 Beta : My Thoughts.

IF you were like me yesterday, then you spent the majority of the early day on twitter trying your hardest to get a beta code for this game. With 1000s of people doing the same thing, your odds were pretty slim. Luckily I ended up getting a code around 3 pm CST.

I am by no means a good player at Gears. I quit playing the first 2 very early after getting them because I was so awful. With this beta, it has been no different, I usually can only get 2-3 kills a match compared to 9-10 deaths. Still though I am enjoying my self.

The graphics on this game are amazing to say the least, Epic did an amazing job with the visuals. I’m sure there will be improvements as this isn’t even the full game. I would have to say the same thing about the audio. The sound effects sound great on my HDTV.

The gameplay in this series while unique still is very hard for me to get the hang of. I do however still enjoy playing the game. The controls from what I can tell mirror the older games almost to a tee.

Overall, this beta has been enjoyable and it’s only been less then 24 hours. Hopefully I can get decent and throw my awful skill out the window.

If you want to play the beta with me my GT is Tarasenko x 91

I will be posting a video on my youtube channel.

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