Shoot Many Robots review! Trash, Try, or Buy?

Developer: Demiurge Studios
Genre:  Side Scrolling Shooter
Platform I’m playing on: PC (Steam) 

Before I begin, I’ve seen some pretty harsh reviews for this game. All of them seemed to stem from one fact, which was the controls on the console versions. I’m playing on PC and the controls work fantastically.

Gameplay: This game could be compared to those classic 2d shooters where you can’t continue on until you wipe the screen of enemies. Shoot Many Robots is this and a lot more. I’ve only been able to spend about an hour with the game, but from what I’ve played I really enjoy it. The game essentially puts you in the role of a man who has his truck stolen at the beginning. You are chasing after your truck by defeating levels filled to the brim with robots. Each robot when killed drops bolts or other various things (health up, ammo, etc..). The bolts are added up at the end of each level completed and count up to a star total that maxes out at 5 stars. In between every level, you are put in your character’s RV which has a closet where you can equip to weapons/clothes or buy new ones. I can’t forget to mention the game’s level system. You get XP for every robot killed, which in turn allows you the ability to buy better weapons. I really enjoy the way the game is designed, but even more so like the controls. After reading all of the gripe about controls on the console versions, I hoped this issue wasn’t in the PC version and it’s not. The controls are simple. A moves left, D moves right, S slides, W switches weapons, Spacebar jumps, and the mouse aims and shoots. I felt comfortable playing this game right away, and feel that if you play the PC version you will as well!

This game also has co-op, but I haven’t gotten to try it yet. I joined one quick match which placed me (a level 3 at the time) with 2 level 50s who booted me before I could take one shot. Once I get a chance to play the Multiplayer, I will likely take the time to describe it here.

 Graphics/Audio: The graphics in this game give it a 2.5d feeling. The style is a bit cartoony, but I like that. I am able to play the game on max setting, and have to say it looks nice and runs smoothly. The levels look very nice also. There are elements in the background that move which gives the element that it’s more then just a 2d playing game. The audio is what you would expect it to be. Robot electronic noise, and gun shots alongside  occasional jabber from the main character. It fits the game perfectly and I wouldn’t choose any different types of sounds.

Overview: Shoot Many Robots has you doing exactly that, and I love it. For the price tag of $9.99 it’s worth every penny. It’s a game you can keep coming back to with things like level leaderboards, and insane items that cost millions of bolts. If you are looking for a game that is filled with action, and doesn’t cost much, this is that game. Demiurge Studios…you’ve done well!


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